13-04-12 Quad Chaos on Beach
[Quad Bikes on Oldshoremore Beach]Concerns have been raised over the presence of quad bikes on Oldshoremore Beach.

The quads were seen on the beach on Monday, 9 April 2012 performing wheelies and doughnuts, and racing from one end of the beach to the other at speed, passing in between other people who happened to be relaxing on the beach or dog-walking.
[Quad Bikes on Oldshoremore Beach]
[Quad Bikes on Oldshoremore Beach]According to a report in the Northern Times newspaper this week, the quads accessed the beach via a path leading to the middle of the beach.

Graham MacKenzie, Highland Council's community works manager, is quoted as saying that the beach is owned by the Crown Estate and that they had no objection to quads being used on the beach. This statement sends a disturbing message to people that might encourage their use, particularly over the summer months.

Whilst it only takes a couple of tide cycles to erase the tracks left in the sand the dunes area behind the beach is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) that extendes from Sheigra to Oldshoremore, and has protection in law. To have significat numbers of vehicles crossing it is sure to cause damage to the fragile ecosystem it harbours.

Without wanting to be a killjoy - I've no doubt that quad riding can be a lot of fun - but where they're used in a way likely to alarm or annoyance then their riders are at risk of prosecution under Common Scots Law. All it takes is a complaint to the Police by a member of the public and riders can find themselves charged and their vehicles confiscated.

[Quad Bikes on Oldshoremore Beach]

From: J McQueen
Date: 15-04-2012

My family and I have been holidaying in the Kinlochbervie area for over 25 years. Finding its tranquility a pleasant rest from the bustle and noise of living in central Scotland.

Many days were spent on Oldshoremore beach with nothing to disturb the peace but the breaking of waves on the shore and the bleating of a far off ewe. I view the usage of the beach by these quad bikes as a disaster both for the visitors who love the place for its almost spiritual serenity and for the local populace for whom these visitors bring some welcome income.

It would seem to me to be wrong to allow the pleasures of the many to be wasted by the reckless vandalism of the few.
From: P Raikman
Date: 16-04-2012

These bikers on the beach spoilt a peaceful afternoon in the sun on Monday 9th April

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