12-12-11 KLB Caches-In
Kinlochbervie has entered the world of geocaching recently, with two caches having been hidden nearby.

Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game where people try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches.

All you need to join in is a GPS receiver or GPS-enabled mobile phone.

One of the caches can be found beside Loch Innes close to the High School. The other is close to Oldshoremore beach.

Cache NameWGS84 Co-ordinatesOS Grid Ref
School ViewN 58 27.816 W 005 02.358NC 22811 56813
Oldshoremore ViewN 59 28.582 W 005 05.214HX 25242 69650

Once you've found the cache take time to fill in the log book.
You're welcome to take one of the items in the cache but
please replace it with something else.

You can search the geocaching website to find other nearby caches.
[Olshoremore Cache]
[Geocaching comes to Kinlochbervie]

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