12-02-11 Shark Bait
Kinlochbervie High School pupils raised 127 on Friday for the charity the Shark Trust.
[Kinlochbervie High School and the Shark Trust]
The Shark Trust are a UK-based charity that works to advance the worldwide conservation of sharks through science, education, influence and action.

Money was raised by wearing blue/non-uniform day, a sale of home baking, shark stencilling, and a quiz about sharks.

Well done to everyone who took part in this very worthwhile event.

In addition to conservation the Shark Trust also works to educate people about these fascinating creatures, dispelling the myths and prejudices held by some people.

There are more than 21 species of shark to be found in the waters around the British Isles including the second largest fish in the sea, the Basking Shark, which can be found in the north Minch towards the end of the summer.

More recently sharks have appeared on the television as part of Hugh's Fish Fight campaign in which Gordon Ramsey high-lighted the practice of catching sharks just for their fins - these are cut off and sold as an ingredient for shark's fin soup whilst the rest of the shark goes back into the sea, still alive but fatally mutilated - and some people think sharks are ruthless!
[The Shark Trust]

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