12-01-12 Care Alliance Crisis
[]A vital community organisation providing care for the elderly as well as vulnerable adults and children is at threat of imminent closure following a reduction in funding from Highland Council.

The North West Care Alliance provides more than 5000 hours per year of at-home care for people across the region, from Melvich to Lochinver, and has its headquarters in Kinlochbervie.

The council presently funds roughly 60% of the Care Alliance's 120,000 annual operating costs. The funding reduction will be 40,000 in the first year and 60,000 in the second.

The reduction in funding is due to the council adopting a new framework for allocating funding based upon a per capita formula which doesn't take into account the rural nature of our area and the much greater distances that carers may have to travel between the people receiving their care.

Whilst this might seem quite a lot of money to you or I, compare it to the 2,257,000 that the Highland Council wasted a couple of years ago on preparation costs for the construction of five new care homes - none of which was actually built - and it's peanuts.

Without additional funding the Care Alliance will be forced to cease providing care when its present contract ends at the end of March, and without the Care Alliance who will provide this vital service? You can bet your bottom dollar it won't be Highland Council.

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