11-09-13 A Visit From Pharos
[NLV Pharos, Loch Inchard, Kinlochbervie]As anticipated, the Northern Lighthouse Board's vessel Pharos arrived in Loch Inchard to recover their runaway buoy.

At 84 metres in length the Pharos is once of the larger vessels we see entering the relatively narrow confines of Loch Inchard. Despite her size she draws just over 4m of water, allowing her to work in shallow water or close inshore.

Once stationary outside the harbour mouth Pharos's tender was put into the water and came into the harbour to collect the buoy.

Pharos's 30 tonne main crane then lifted buoy effortlessly onto the aft desk where it will be checked-out prior to being returned to its normal position, anchored at the mouth of Loch Inchard.

[NLV Pharos, Loch Inchard, Kinlochbervie]
[NLV Pharos, Loch Inchard, Kinlochbervie]

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