11-03-10 Ice Road Trucking
[Ice Road Trucking comes to Kinlochbervie]Technology Challence Evening

As part of National Science and Engineering Week 2010 Kinlochbervie ASG are holding a technology challence evening.

This year's theme will be Ice Road Truckers!

The event takes place on Friday, 19 March 2010 at 7pm in the High School hall.
[Ice Road Trucking comes to Kinlochbervie]
Teams consisting of mixed primary and high school pupils together with an adult try to build a motorised truck that can safely transport an egg along an icy track in the shortest time.

Each team gets given a motor and a battery and it is then up to them to build the rest from whatever they can find on the scrapheap.

An entry fee of 5 per team gets you in the race and there will be prizes, a raffle, and a snack shack. All proceeds go to Sport Relief.

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