11-01-10 Hotspot Hopscotch
[FreeRunner Hotspot for Kinlochbervie]The new free wireless hotspot for Kinlochbervie has arrived and is now operational.

Freerunner delivered the hardware over the Christmas holiday period and it is now operational.

After some thought and discussion it was decided to install it at the Kinlochbervie Hotel so as to reach the widest selection of potential users: local residents, visiting fishing crews and yachts, and tourists.

To connect to it you need to select the Freerunner Hotspot entry when your laptop displays wireless networks within range. This will take you to the Freerunner 'landing pad' where you can register and sign-in, before getting on with your web-surfing.

Range is limited. You will need to be in the immediate vicinity.

Yachts and leisure craft visiting Kinlochbervie's new pontoon moorings will be able to connect to the internet thanks to local business Harrowden IT Ltd who will be making part of their own wireless network accessible.

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