10-09-13 Seems Like a Nice Buoy
[Loch Inchard Buoy, Kinlochbervie]A rather unusual visiting craft tied up at the pontoons in Kinlochbervie Harbour yesterday...

It was discovered that the marker buoy that usually indicates the entrance to Loch Inchard from the sea had broken free from its anchor and was drifting freely.

A local fisherman spotted it and took it in tow.

[Loch Inchard Buoy, Kinlochbervie]

Marker buoys, lights, and lighthouses maintained by the Northern Lighthouse Board who have two lighthouse tender vessels, Pharos and Pole Star, that are equipped for servicing and maintaining them.

Pharos is currently heading north through the Minch, en route to Kinlochbervie to collect and replace the runaway buoy.

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