10-03-16 Village Hall May Close
With no new members for the Village Hall Committee there's now a very real chance the hall could close.

The Village Hall held it's AGM last week and no-one not already on the committee attended. All of the existing office-bearers have resigned and there are now not enough members to form a viable committee.

An emergency meeting will be held on Tuesday, 14 March 2016 at 7pm in the hall in the hope that people will come forward but if this fails then the Village Hall will close its doors.

The direct result of this will be:
  • Nowhere for the VET to hold their surgery

  • No Yoga, Zumba, or other group activities

  • No Easter, Halloween, Christmas or New Year events

  • No dances or comedy nights

  • No Gala Day

  • No voting station

  • No school exam hall

  • No after-school clubs

  • No meeting place for other groups
[Kinlochbervie Village Hall May Close]

Once the hall closes it will take a monumental effort to get it re-opened.

Who can spare just a little of their time to join the committee and keep the Village Hall open?

Get along to the meeting next week and pledge your support.

More information from the Village Halls Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/KinlochbervieVillageHall

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