09-12-10 No Mains Water
[No Water Supply in Kinlochbervie]Parts of Kinlochbervie may be without mains water from around lunchtime as Scottish Water are disconnecting the service in order to carry out repairs to the mains.

We do not yet know how long the supply will be interrupted for but understand supplies of bottled water are being distributed around the area.

More information as we get it.

Supplies of bottled water have now been delivered to various parts of the village, including: Rhiconich Hotel, the school, the harbour, the medical centre, and the Kinlochbervie Hotel. (That's according to the Scottish Water website.

It seems they're unsure of exactly where the leak is, which doesn't bode well for a quick repair.

It seems like most households still have a supply of water - wise heads have suggested this is because the supply is drawn from a cistern in the hills north of KLB and when that's empty... Alternatively it may be that Scottish Water have managed to isolate the location of the fault from the rest of the mains supply.

Friday: Scottish Water's website is still showing this as work in progress.

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