09-10-12 Community Broadband Scotland
[Highlands and Islands Enterprise]

[Community Broadband Scotland for Kinlochbervie]
Interested in faster broadband for Kinlochbervie and the surrounding area?

Community Broadband Scotland is a initiative aimed at those parts of Scotland that will not be reached by the Scottish Government's core investment programme that aims to bring 40-80Mbps broadband to 85-90% of all premises.

The project is intended to support communities that want to develop local projects and partnerships that will 'deliver sustainable digital solutions through the use of innovative technologies and business models.'

Quite which technologies will be eligible or even suitable for an area such as ours is yet to be determined but if there is sufficient local support for the project then perhaps we can form a group to get Kinlochbervie connected.

One possible solution is the satellite broadband service provided by Tooway Direct that offers speeds in excess of 18mbps and higher. No doubt there are others.
[Community Broadband Scotland for Kinlochbervie]
Community Broadband Scotland will provide advice, guidance and project funding to help communities deliver improved access to the internet. A helpline should already be operational and seed funding for projects is expected to be in place by next year.

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