09-10-09 WiFi Hotspot is Coming!
[Freerunner - Wifo for Kinlochbervie]Free wireless hotspot is coming to Kinlochbervie!

We reported a few weeks back that a community application had been put in to a company called Freerunner Net Ltd for one of fifty free hotspots to be set up around the country.

Well, we heard late yesterday afternoon that Kinlochbervie's application had been successful!

A default location for the 'hotspot' has been offered down at the harbour but if anyone wants to suggest or volunteer an alternative location they can email it to us at info@kinlochbervie.info
[Kinlochbervie to get free wireless internet access]
A free wireless hotspot allows anyone with a wireless-equipped PC within range to connect to the internet for free.

The hotspot won't replace your current home internet connection, unless you happen to live close to wherever it gets sited, but it will mean visiting yacht and boat crews, tourists, and residents out and about can connect to the internet for free.

The deal with Freerunners mean we will get three years internet access free of charge.

Obviously selecting the best location for the hotspot is paramount - suggestions welcomed!

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