09-08-12 Faster Broadband Fund Launched
The Scotish Government has today announced a new 5 million fund intended to help bring the next generation of broadband to rural areas of Scotland.

Quoting from the press release "The Community Broadband Scotland initiative will act as a one-stop-shop for rural community groups, providing them with information and advice to find solutions for broadband delivery in their areas."

Whether this will have any bearing on communities such as Kinlochbervie remains to be seen. We're entirely at the mercy of British Telecom for conventional broadband here as only they have equipment in the telephone exchange, regardless of who you pay for your internet.

In another recent announcement BT outlined plans to bring faster broadband access to many rural areas of Scotland. Sadly none of the exchanges in either Caithness or Sutherland were listed for upgrade, leaving us firmly at the end of the queue once again.

An alternative to traditional broadband over the telephone lines is a satellite system, such as that provided by companies such as TooWayDirect who claim to be able to provide up to 18mb broadband to anywhere in the UK and europe for as little as 60p per day. It's worth thinking about.

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