09-06-10 Swim the Moon
It isn't often that Kinlochbervie features in literature but one book where it does is Paul Brandon's novel 'Swim the Moon'.

Quoting from the frontispiece of the book, "There is only Love, Magic, and Music... and an enigmatic creature dancing on the beach under the light of a full moon.

After the loss of his wife, Scottish fiddle player Richard Brennan moves to Australia to escape the memories of his former life. Six years later, he's forced to return to his homeland for his father's funeral. He remains in his father's desolate cottage in the remote far north of Scotland to gather together the threads of his former life.

He scratches out a living playing music. The land welcomes him like a prodigal returned. And he meets Ailish, the enigmatic young woman who's ethereal singing haunts the bay by moonlight."

The book is entirely set in the immediate area surrounding Kinlochbervie. The cottage the main character stays in is at Sandwood and many local places and features are mentioned by name, although quite a bit of poetic license has been exercised with the geography.

Well worth a read if you're into this sort of book, and you're welcome to borrow my copy.

The ISBN number for the book is 0-312-87794-3.

Another work that refers to Kinlochbervie is Brian Friel's play "Faith Healer".

At one stage in the play the buriel of a still-born child is recounted: "Kinlochbervie's where the baby's buried, two miles south of the village, in a field of the lefthand side of the road as you go north."

Again the geography is a little vague and the nature of the play is altogether darker.

I've been meaning to do a proper piece on this play for some time but haven't yet gotten round to it.

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