09-03-10 A Day of Visitations
It's been a day of visitors to Kinlochbervie today.

First up was Martin, that is MV Martin, a freighter that arrived first thing this morning bringing with it many tons of salt/grit for the roads.

Off-loaded into trucks, the grit was taken through the harbour and piled into a heap close by the helipad.

There's now quite a mountain of it.

[Coastguard Helicopter G-SARB visits Kinlochbervie]

Our final visitation was from the fishing boat Venture II.

Markets are held any night of the week that fish are landed. (Sorry for the earlier error, skippers!)

Boats also call in at Kinlochbervie for fuel or to replenish their stocks of ice.
[MV Martin delivering grit to Kinlochbervie]

Also paying us a visit was the Coastguard helicopter G-SARB from Stornoway on a training flight.

This Sikorsky S92 helicopter is a regular visitor to Kinlochbervie performing medivacs when the air-ambulance is unavailable.

[BF326 Venture II landing fish in Kinlochbervie]

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