08-12-09 Monsters of the Deep
It's sometimes been said that there are more and stranger things in the sea than can be imagined by men and occasionally we get to see some of them.

One that we see on a regular basis is the Monkfish, a type of angler-fish that is actively fished but which possesses a face only its mother could love.

Just recently another unusual fish was landed here in Kinlochbervie in the shape of this Wreck-fish. Weighing-in at around 10 kilos, the two spiny dorsals and protruding lower jaw do this fish no favours.

As the name suggests, this little beauty likes to inhabit sunken wrecks and underwater caves and crevices - places that trawlermen generally keep clear of for fear of fouling their nets.

Wreck-fish are fished on a small scale using vertical lines and hooks. They're said to taste similar to grouper or snapper.
[Wreck-fish landed at Kinlochbervie]
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[Many thanks to Fiona for the photo.]

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