08-09-09 Blown Away
[Kinlochbervie Harbour]As the west coast of Scotland prepares for strong gales Kinlochbervie is no exception, with the harbour beginning to fill up with fishing boats.

Since these photos were taken more boats have arrived and the harbour is currently sheltering the following vessels:

BCK264 Sparkling Star III
UL77 Maranatha
UL44 Loch Inchard II
BF1 Enterprise II
BF74 Seagull
BF505 Genesis

That's in addition to Nimrod and the other resident creel boats and leisure boats.

Gusts are predicted to reach 80 miles per hour yet whilst it is already very windy it is by no means cold. With the winds blowing from the west and south west temperatures remain surprisingly mild.

As the day wears on we'll keep a sharp eye open for more refugees from the storm.
[Kinlochbervie Harbour][Sparkling Star III BCK264) entering Kinlochbervie Harbour]

Add to that BF803 Carina that came in this afternoon and BF515 Endeavour IV coming in as I type this update (4:40pm) and we're looking at a busier harbour than has been seen for a while.

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