08-04-11 The Times Takes Up the Story
[The Times, in Kinlochbervie]

A reporter and a photographer from The Times newspaper have been in the village this week, researching a story about the imminent staffing reduction at Kinlochbervie Primary School.

For those of you who are unaware of the problem, falling pupil numbers at the Primary School mean that unless additional pupils can be found before the end of the summer holidays the Highland Council will remove one of Kinlochbervie's teachers.

If this happens then all of the pupils will be taught by just one teacher for most of the week.
[Kinlochbervie Primary School]

Any children subsequently moving into the area will be sent to primary schools in Durness, Scourie or Achfary, and Kinlochbervie Primary School will be considered to be 'FULL' by Highland Council and getting them to increase the staffing allocation will be a much, much harder job.

With an aging population and many of the younger people leaving the village anything that discourages people from moving here can only be seen as a bad thing.

Having a primary school within walking distance of home is a big attraction for people considering moving into the village.

If just one more pupil can be found for the Primary School before the end of the summer we will keep our existing teacher allocation. That's all it needs, although if more families can be attracted to the village that would be icing on the cake.

Kinlochbervie really does have a lot to offer families thinking of relocating, and hopefully The Times's article will help to highlight this.

We understand the piece may be in this Saturday's edition.

[UPDATE] The article was in fact published in Monday's edition of The Times, that's 12-04-2011. We hope to be able to put a copy of it in the Documents section shortly.

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