08-01-10 Big Freeze Continues
It was another bitingly cold night last night but little by way of snow.

The same can't be said for other parts of the UK however as this satellite image, courtesy of NASA, shows.

Taken only yesterday it shows pretty much the whole of Great Britain buried beneath a blanket of snow.

So far I've not had any reports today of closed roads, other than the Struie, and even Durness appears accessible so far.

This will come as a relief to a number of people who are currently away from the village or who are scheduled to head-off on holiday today.

Burst pipes will be the next problem as I note this morning we have no water supply to our house.

There's little that can be done until they begin to thaw but be prepared for leaks and check the location of your stop-cock now.

Turn the water off at the mains and open the cold taps to allow the thawing water somewhere to escape to.

Although we take it pretty much for granted water is a quite fascinating substance. Amongst other things, it is the only known substance that expands when it cools. Everything else shrinks.
[Satellite image of Gt.Britain, coutesy of NASA]

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