07-07-11 Biking Mad
Now I know we don't have a lot of traffic round here but this is just plain daft.

This group of visiting bikers were spotted near Rhiconich checking their map.

[Checking the map, Rhiconich, near Kinlochbervie]
[Thanks to Donald Morrison for the photo]
Instead of pulling to the side of the road they've stopped parallel to each other and dismounted, completely blocking one side of the road.

We do see some unusual behaviour on the roads around here, especially on the single-track sections.

It's understandable to some extent, as most of the visitors to our beautiful corner of Scotland are unlikely to be familiar with single-track roads.

They'd be well-advised to read one of our earlier entries.

Some motorists are just plain ignorant, however.

Only last year a group of Italian tourists in a campervan were observed to be deliberately holding up traffic on the Durness road.

They were refusing to allow passing and were actually videoing the traffic behind them, some of which were volunteer firemen hurrying to the fire station in response to an emergency.

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