07-06-11 Biker Friendly KLB
The Kinlochbervie Hotel has recently re-vamped its signs to show that it is 'Biker Friendly'.

Motorcycle groups using the A838 now have an extra incentive to turn off at Rhiconich as visit Kinlochbervie, safe in the knowledge that a warm welcome awaits them in Kinlochbervie.

[Kinlochbervie is Biker Friendly]---->A recent article in Bike magazine highlighted Lochcarron community council's criticism of bikers visiting their neck of the woods, and found that the majority of local people there were in fact supportive of bikes and the trade they brought to their village.

It's hoped that this move will encourage more bikers to visit Kinlochbervie, stay overnight and contribute to the local economy.
[Kinlochbervie is Biker Friendly]

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