05-12-09 Collected Ramblings
[Nimrod, sails out of Kinlochbervie]It's been a quiet couple of days here in the far northwest corner of the country.

The High School is settling down again after the departure of the HMIe Inspectors. Report due in the new year.

The fire crew spent much of today learning and revising how to chop the tops off of cars and other accident/emergency skills.

There was a medivac from the harbour helipad this evening, with one of the two Coastguard Sikorsky S92s tasked this evening. No other details available.

The Norwegian live fish carrier Gripfisk has been in the harbour for a couple of days, sharing the quayside with fishing boats Kemarvin, Shining Star IV, Lynnmarie, Eshcol and, of course, Nimrod.

Speaking of the Nimrod, we've been given new contact email and website information for anyone wanting to get in touch with Jimmy or charter the boat. See the Local Businesses section for details.
We've also moved a few things around to make room for the weather station and you can now find it in the menu at the top of the page. To do this we had to amalgamate the View Guestbook and Sign Guestbook entries. There's now a link at the top of the View Guestbook page if you want to leave your own comments.

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