05-10-11 Nothing To See
It's official. There is nothing to see in the northwest of Scotland - if you ask Visit Scotland, that is!

Rumours of our area being 'under-sold' by Visit Scotland have been talked about for a long time but just recently this was put to the acid test.

Two local residents went into the Inverness tourist office, posing as tourists, and enquired about places to stay or visit in the northwest.

They were told not to bother because there's nothing there.

Considering that Visit Scotland is our national tourism organisation it seems strange that they have written-off such a large part of the country.

Not only that but hotels, restaurants, and many other tourism-related businesses pay money to Visit Scotland each year to advertise and promote themselves.

It really doesn't help when the very body who should be helping to encourage visitors to the northwest is actively advising people not to bother.

[Oldshoremore Beach, Kinlochbervie]
[Nothing in Kinlochbervie or the northwest, according to Visit Scotland]

Visit Scotland responded to this entry on 2 Nov 2011. Click HERE to read it.

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