05-04-13 April Antics
Well we managed to catch a few of you out again this year with our spoof piece about tolls to cross the Laxford Bridge. No names, no pack drill :)

Rest assured, there are no plans to introduce tolls to cross the Laxford Bridge, in either direction, so far as we are aware.

Previous spoof stories for April Fool's Day have included wind turbines off Loch Clash and sheep fitted with satellite dishes.

We've already got our thinking caps on for next April.

Name: Withheld to prevent embarrassment
Date: 05-04-2013
Is this not just another tax on those living north of Laxford Bridge who want to travel south to partake in some of the facilities not available to them at home? Considering the fact that the bridge was only upgraded because an army vehicle crashed through one side of it closing it to traffic for some considerable time it hardly seems fare to charge local residents for this.

Name: James McQueen
Date: 04-04-2013
I fell for your story about the wind turbines...............not this time pal!
[Satellite Tracking for Sheep]

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