05-01-10 Winter Blues
More snow and hail during the night as Kinlochbervie starts trying to rerturn to normal after the New Year.

Sarah emailed this very nice panoramic view of a snowy Loch Clash bathed in a very blue evening light.
[Kinlochbervie by Bluelight - Sarah Bell]
[Click to view full-size]
Road links out of Kinlochbervie remain treacherous with the Durness road frequently impassable. The roads south to Ullapool and east to Lairg are passable with care although that can change very quickly. It certainly isn't the weather to be stranded miles from anywhere in.

Supplies of grit were running low at the harbour but these have now been supplemented by deliveries by lorry. Elsewhere around Scotland supplies are arriving by cargo ship for onward distribution.

The hardware for the internet hotspot has arrived and just needs installing now, and the new webcam is currently 'in transit' from the suppliers.

From: R Jones
Date: 16 Jan 2010

About 36 years ago I worked on a team surveying the road from Rhiconich to the port at Kinlochbervie, and later
further north at Strathy. That job was the most enjoyable I've ever had, and in wonderful countryside. We stayed
for a short while at the Rhiconich Hotel (the name Murdoch rings a bell - which is something he never did at
closing time :-)) before moving to a caravan at Achrisgill - I think that was at the Postman's home - which
might explain how a letter from my girlfriend, now wife got to me with just my name and 'caravan next to white
cottage, Cape Wrath, Scotland' as the address. It was wonderful to hear the Gaelic spoken in the small shop by
the roadside (I am myself first language Welsh) and listen to the soft delivery of English, as I also heard
when staying with the wonderful Andersons at Strathy House. It's a long time ago, and I may be wrong about
this, but I remember going to a party at Ian McKie's home, and I think it may have been to celebrate the first
colour TV in the village - wonderful, simple, happy days.

I'm looking forward to the webcam!

Dymuniadau goreu i pawb yn Ceann Loch Biorbhaidh a Srathaidh.


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