04-01-11 Concerns Over Water Quality
[Concerns over water quality in Kinlochbervie]Concerns have been raised over the quality of the drinking water supplied to Kinlochbervie and the surrounding area by Scottish Water.

This follows the release of the annual Drinking Water Quality in Scotland report for 2009 which was only released in December 2010. [Quite why it takes such a long time for these offical reports to see the light of day defies us.]

The report shows that drinking water supplied to Kinlochbervie exceeds the permitted levels of a substance called trihalomethane (THM), which forms when chlorine added to drinking water reacts with organic material contained in the water, and may be linked to cancer.

Chlorine is added to drinking water to kill micro-organisms and the report also lists Kinlochbervie as having on excessively high level of chlorine in its water. This is hardly surprising when you see the sort of technology used to add the chlorine to the water supply - it's basically a bucket with a hole in it!

Scourie Community Council will be debating this matter at their January meeting. Kinlochbervie Community Council don't have a meeting this month but presumably they'll be discussing it in February.

The full report can be downloaded from the following link: Drinking Water Quality in Scotland Report 2009

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