03-08-10 Royal Passage
Sharp-eyed watchers of the sea may have spotted the Hebridean Princess as she steamed south into the Minch yesterday, having deposited her Royal tour party in Scrabster earlier in the day.

Anyone worried about the Queen's safety in these times of terrorist threat and international unrest need not have worried, as this photo shows, for accompanying the Royal party on its recent tour of the Highlands and Islands was a Royal Navy Frigate, believed to be HMS Kent which was ably-equipped to deter pretty much any threat.

As I type this entry the Hebridean Princess is in Oban Bay.

The website's AIS receiver plots local shipping in the Minch and up as far as Cape Wrath on our Minch Shipping page.
[Hebridean Princess passes Kinlochbervie]
[Thanks to Ian Birks/Lochwatch for the use of his photo.]

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