03-08-09 Dirty Doggy Deeds
[Dog litter bag at Oldshoremore, Kinlochbervie]What can possibly have been going through the mind of the dog owner who left this little parcel on a post beside the path down to Oldshoremore beach yesterday?

Full marks for having cleared-up after their pet but why couldn't they have gone the whole hog and put it in the dog waste bin by the gate to the carpark?

They went to the trouble of collecting a bag from there, after all?

Perhaps they think there are bands of people up here who are paid to go round clearing up after them?

At least they went to the trouble of cleaning it up - unlike the owner of the dog that left this stinking pile right in the middle of the path where someone could tread in it.

That could really spoil a trip to the beach.

In addition to the smelly and anti-social aspect of not clearing up after your dog there is also the health issue.

Dog waste harbours a tiny parasite which when introduced to a person can result in blindness.
[Dog poo left on the path at Oldshoremore, Kinlochbervie]

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