03-02-11 Going with the Wind
[Stormy Night Ahead for Kinlochbervie]Kinlochbervie looks set to be right in the way of a very stormy night tonight.

Gales are predicted up to 100 mph, with snow or sleet - we've already had thunder and lightning.

Lights have been flickering throughout the day but there's no reports of any outages so far.

Many of CalMac's ferry sailings have been cancelled or are subject to delays or disruption. You can find out which by going to their Service Status page.

Our weather station will be monitoring the situation and it'll make interesting reading in the morning - assuming it doesn't blow away, of course.

In addition to the summary displays you can also view a full 24 hours of readings by clicking the link at the bottom of the weather station page.

Batten down the hatches, Kinlochbervie, we could be in for a rough night!
[Stormy Night Ahead for Kinlochbervie]

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