02-10-09 Bridge Update
Whilst the A838 at Laxford Bridge has now been re-opened it is currently only passable by light vehicles.

A temporary parapet has been constructed while the bridge is assessed for structural damage, following yesterday's closure after a lorry belonging to the British Army collided with it and then fell into the river.

Heavy goods vehicles will still be required to take a 100 mile detour via the north and east coast roads.

It is thought that the army will be responsible for having the bridge repaired and suggestions have been made that a temporary bridge could be erected whilst the old one is closed - the logistics of this are interesting, given the location, but with the resources at their disposal this shouldn't prove insurmountable to the army.

Highland Council are being very non-committal about when and for how long the bridge will be closed for repairs, saying only that it will be 'as soon as is practicable', whatever that means.

Link to BBC News Website

This incident comes just days before the start of the largest combined forces exercise in Europe: Joint Warrior 092. A full brief and warning for fishermen can be found in the local Documents section of this website.

The exercise sees land, air and sea forces from several countries deployed in mock battles with the live firing range at Cape Wrath being employed as well as land forces in and around Durness and the north west area. Increased numbers of low-flying aircraft are also expected.

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