01-12-09 Woody Business
After our request for sightings of the woodpecker we've heard from several people who confirm it's still around.

Phil and Jackie kindly emailed these photos of it in their garden.
[Great Spotted Woodpecker in Kinlochbervie]It's a Great Spotted Woodpecker and whilst these are common enough throughout England, Wales and the southern half of Scotland they're much less common in the far north where we are.

He's been around for a couple of months now so perhaps this is one of a pair seeking to colonise the area?

We're repeatedly being told how climate change will bring hotter summers and wetter winters to Scotland so perhaps this is a sign of this?

We'd be particularly interested to learn whether anyone has seen two of them together, thus reinforcing the suggestion we might have a pair.

I've also been told of an unusual fish being landed recently and am hoping to receive photos shortly.

You can email any news or photos to info@kinlochbervie.info
[Great Spotted Woodpecker in Kinlochbervie]

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