01-10-09 Road Closed at Laxford Bridge
[Photo courtesy of Highland Council]Kinlochbervie woke this morning to the news that all routes south and east from the village were closed to traffic.

During the night a large truck belonging to the Army went through the wall of the bridge spanning the river at Laxford, demolishing a length of parapet before plunging into the river.

No vehicles are currently being allowed to cross and so the routes south to Ullapool and east to Lairg and Inverness are inaccessible.

With no viable alternative, all traffic is obliged to take a very long diversion via Durness and the north coast road.

High school pupils living in Scourie or Achfary are unable to get to school.
Army personnel are on the scene and it is understood they are awaiting the arrival of heavy lifting gear before any attempt can be made to recover the truck and restore access. It is unclear, even then, whether the bridge will be re-opened until repairs have been carried out to the parapet.

Latest updates are that it is hoped the truck will be recovered and the road re-opened to light traffic this evening.

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