01-09-14 Mine Ahoy
Shipping and pleasure craft need to be aware that a World War II mine was discovered in Loch Inchard at the weekend.

The rusty mine, roughly 2.5 ft across with protruding studs, had been deposited by the high tide on rocks on the north side of Loch Inchard, roughly 100m west of the harbour entrance.

Police and coastguard were alerted but the mine floated off again on the following tide and its location is now unknown.

Fishing vessels, other shipping, and pleasure craft are advised to be vigilant as despite its age the mine could still be dangerous.

Similarly, people should not approach it if they come across it on the shoreline but instead dial 999 and ask for the Police or Coastguard.
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[Wartime Mine, Loch Inchard, Kinlochbervie]
[Thanks to Barry Pearson for the photograph]

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