01-07-09 Boil the Water
[Kinlochbervie Residents Advised to Boil Water]Scottish Water are advising residents of Kinlochbervie to boil water before drinking it.

You should bring water to the boil and then let it cool in a sealed container before using it for: drinking, cleaning teeth, preparing food including baby feedsand disinfecting feeding equipment, pet food and drink, and washing open wounds.

Bottles of drinking water have been left at the following locations for people to collect, and Scottish Water say they will advise us when tap water is safe to drink again.

  • Kinlochbervie High School
  • Rhiconich Hotel
  • 109 Achriesgill
  • 151 Oldshoremore
  • Kinlochbervie Fire Station
  • London Stores
Scottish Water have given a telephone number for enquiries: 0845-600-8855

More information is available here: Scottish Water Website News

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