01-04-13 Laxford Bridge Toll
Toll charges are to be introduced for crossing Laxford bridge to fund community development.

[Toll Charges for Crossing Laxford Bridge, near Kinlochbervie]Following the upgrading of the A838 to a single carriageway, toll charges will be applied to every vehicle crossing the bridge at Laxford in a southerly direction.

Traffic heading north will have no toll to pay.

Proceeds from the introduction of tolls will go towards improving the amenities available to the population of Laxford Bridge. Projects such as a sports centre and swimming pool have been mentioned as possibilities.

The toll will be based upon a head-count of the occupants of the vehicle rather than the vehicle itself. The same toll will apply regardless of the type of vehicle so a solo cyclist will pay the same as a single occupant car driver.

Similarly, a coach carrying a driver and 20 passengers will incur 21 single toll fees, as will a stock transporter carrying a driver and 20 sheep. Fish transporters will not be subject to the head-count rule.

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