01-03-11 Coastguard Calling
[Coastguard Helicopter visiting Kinlochbervie]The Coastguard rescue helicopter from Stornoway made two visits to Kinlochbervie, yesterday evening and this morning.

Each visit was a slow flypast without setting down or just touching-down then off again, so presumably training or orientation flights for staff.

[Coastguard Helicopter visiting Kinlochbervie] [Coastguard Helicopter visiting Kinlochbervie]
There has been much controversy recently over government plans to either sell-off the coastguard helicopter service and down-size the coastguard station network.
Whilst the government has been forced to cancel the process for the helicopters, amid revelations of irregularities in the tendering process, the management of the MCGA are still trying to defend their plans to close either the Stornoway or Shetland coastguard stations and reduce one of them to daylight operations only.

You can read the full story on the Save Stornoway Coastguard website at www.stornowaycg.co.uk.

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