01-02-10 KLB Playing Field Association
[Kinlochbervie FC]
Were you ever a member of the Kinlochbervie Playing Field Association?

[Kinlochbervie Playing Field Association]
The Kinlochbervie Football Club is trying to raise money to upgrade the Playing Field so that it can once again be used by the Community for sports, school activities, Gala day etc.

In order to do this we are applying for grants, and need to find a copy of the constitution of the Kinlochbervie Playing Field Association, which is the local group that leased the playing field from the Kinlochbervie Estate many years ago.

The Football Club would like to take responsibility for the upkeep and management of the Playing Field once it has been upgraded and so would like to merge with the Kinlochbervie Playing Field Association to form one organisation. In order to do this both organisations will need to hold a meeting to get the approval of their members.

If you have a copy of this constitution, or know where we might find one, please get in touch with Jamie Dawson on 01971 521044 or Graham Wild on 01971 521717
Thank you

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