A selection of photographs of Kinlochbervie and the surrounding area in bygone days,
with particular emphasis on the fishing fleet.

A nice group of boats in Kinlochbervie.
Thanks to David Warwick.

INS69 coming into the quay.
Thanks to David Warwick.

The Courier alongside the pier in Loch Bervie.
Thanks to David Warwick.

The Coastal Queen alongside the pier in Loch Bervie.
Thanks to David Warwick.

The Sharona approaches the fish sheds at Clash, by Des Colhoun.
"The Sharona skippered by Ronnie Gordon and his crew from the Lossiemouth area
was a regular "top boat" whilst operating out of Clash. A trip could last up to 6
days or even longer depending on success, prices etc. Productive areas in those
days were found to the nor'west of the Butt of Lewis but as the years progressed
more distant grounds such as Rockall had to be sought prior to the ultimate
demise of the industry." (March 1985)

Halcyon days at Clash, by Des Colhoun.
"A picture to bring a tear to the eye and perhaps a lesson in marine culture. Fortunes
were being made here but that was then." (March 1985)

Fish boxes awaiting loading at Clash harbour, by Des Colhoun.
"The fishermen refer to Kinlochbervie as Clash. The traditional wooden fish boxes
have now been replaced with the plastic variety and sadly most of the fishing boats
have been replaced by yachts." (March 1985)

The ice factory and fish boxes await the crews at Clash, by Des Colhoun. (March 1985)

Sabbath evening prior to the exodus from Clash, by Des Colhoun.
Sunday night and the boats await their crews; mostly crews from the east coast
from Lossiemouth, Buckie. Whitehills etc. (March 1985)

Fishing boats alongside in Kinlochbervie's new harbour on Loch Bervie.

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