On a hilltop above the townships of Sheigra and Blairmore can be
found the remains of a wartime RAF radio direction finding station.

Little information can be found about these stations but it seems likely that
this one was used to help locate German U-boats operating in the Atlantic.

The main building above Sheigra with a clear view out to sea.

The station can be found at the end of this narrow concrete path
that leads directly up the hillside from the path to Sandwood Bay.

As you crest the hillside the station building becomes visible on the hilltop.

Part of the building has fallen down but the main part remains largely intact.

This is the base of one of the four radio masts that were arranged around the station.

And this is one of the anchors for the guy ropes or cables that held the masts steady.
There were four masts and each had four cables supporting it. All of the anchors are still present.

The building is surrounded by these strange concrete bollards.
It's thought these may have once supported a wire-mesh ground plane.

Another mast base, with a cable anchor in the background.

A closer view of the main building.

A closer view of one of the concrete supports.

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